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Alan Wilson Raises $90K




Embattled S.C. attorney general Alan Wilson raised only $90,000 during the first quarter of 2017 for his upcoming reelection campaign, but the scandal-scarred prosecutor still has over $1 million to spend on his 2018 race.

For a down-ballot election, that’s a formidable total – although Wilson’s quarterly totals are dwindling at a time when they should be climbing.  And his burn rate – i.e. the percentage of money raised versus money spent – is becoming alarming.

Wilson’s haul of $90,754 was offset by $45,650 in expenses – including $5000 to the political consulting firm of Richard Quinn, the neo-Confederate advisor who currently finds himself besieged by an ongoing criminal investigation into corruption in state government.

By contrast in the fourth quarter of 2016, Wilson raised $195,855 and spent only $34,392 – including $4,000 to Quinn’s firm.

Wilson, incidentally, finds himself being described as “embattled” and “scandal-scarred” precisely because he tried – albeit clumsily – to obstruct the ongoing investigation.

And failed.  Badly.

Now he very well could wind up being one of the targets of the investigation.

Wilson will almost certainly face opposition in the 2018 Republican primary for this seat, but he’s been aided by two recent developments.  First, S.C. Rep. Peter McCoy – who was said to be mulling a bid against Wilson last spring – is one of the finalists to be named the next U.S. attorney for the State of South Carolina.  Meanwhile S.C. thirteenth circuit prosecutor Walt Wilkins – leader of the so-called “Upstate God Cops” – has decided to remain in his current office for the time being.

Last we checked, Greenville County “Republican” party chairman Chad Groover – a former federal prosecutor – was a lock to run for the seat.  We’re also hearing rumblings that S.C. Rep. Jay Jordan of Florence might jump into the race.

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