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Oh, T-Rav




Thomas Ravenel’s brain is an interesting place: Mercurial. Maddeningly inconsistent. Or just mad, depending who you ask.

In some respects, the reality television star is an unqualified genius – able to effortlessly dissect complicated economic issues in a way that’s easy to understand and consistent with free market ideology.

For example, he recently addressed rate-tightening efforts by the Federal Reserve as being necessary for “long-term price stability” while at the same time castigating the secretive central bank for its unnecessary interventions aimed at “maintaining low unemployment.”

“This is quite hazardous to the economy as they are allowed to create bubbles through low interest rates and then solve the bubbles they created through taxpayer-funded bailouts,” he said.

That’s correct … and it’s why Ravenel was poised to be a remarkably successful and effective politician over a decade ago.

The problem?  Ravenel’s brilliance is accompanied by … well … non-brilliance.  Like his recent decision to insult millions of fans who tune into Bravo TV’s Southern Charm reality show.

“My brain won’t let me enjoy reality tv,” Ravenel tweeted. “It scored (too) high on the SATs. I don’t even watch my own show.”

Oh boy …

Ravenel’s latest social media musing – which was removed almost as fast as it was posted – comes just weeks prior to the premier of Southern Charm‘s fourth season.  It also comes as he and his attorneys prepare for a likely contentious mediation hearing with Kathryn Dennis, his ex-girlfriend, reality television co-star and mother of his two children.

Both sides tell us huge fireworks are likely forthcoming in that case …

But bigger picture … this tweet is yet another glimpse into the Dr. Jekyll that continues to hold back Ravenel’s Mr. Hyde.  It’s yet another display of the lack of maturity and self-awareness that, while good for reality ratings, is definitely not good for Ravenel.

Oh well … at least Ravenel’s madness is somewhat entertaining.

You know, unlike Mark Sanford‘s.



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