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SC Supreme Court Set To Rule On Succession




The S.C. Supreme Court has called off oral arguments connected to an ongoing dispute over how the Palmetto State’s lieutenant governor’s office should be filled.

Instead, the high court will rule on the matter based on pleadings submitted by the attorneys – including S.C. Senator Tom Davis, who filed a petition last month in an effort to clarify the matter and avert a potential constitutional crisis.

The court’s decision means it is ready to issue an opinion – perhaps as soon as tomorrow.

“An opinion in the matter shall be forthcoming,” a notice from the court read.

This issue of executive succession has come to the fore given the looming appointment of S.C. governor Nikki Haley as America’s next ambassador to the United Nations.

At issue?  How the state’s office of lieutenant governor should be filled once its current occupant – Henry McMaster – ascends to the governor’s office following Haley’s likely confirmation.

Legislative leaders had sought to block the court from hearing the case, but Davis’ arguments prevailed, and the justices accepted the matter in the court’s original jurisdiction.

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