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Nikki Haley Confirmation: Smooth Sailing




S.C. governor Nikki Haley appears to be a lock to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the next American ambassador to the United Nations.

Concerns about Haley’s vetting – including lingering issues from her 2012 ethics trial – appear to have gained zero traction with Senate Democrats, who couldn’t do much to block her even if they wanted to.

By virtue of their “nuclear” approach to installing appointments, Democrats cannot block the appointees of U.S. president-elect Donald Trump without having at least three GOP defections.

The mainstream media has similarly pressed the snooze button on the prodigious amount of dirt available on the Palmetto State’s results-challenged chief executive.

Is that fair?  Let’s ask S.C. Rep. Jimmy Merrill – who is currently facing more than six decades in prison for basically doing the same things Haley did during her tenure as a member of the S.C. General Assembly.

Oh well …

Given the looming “hall pass” likely to be handed down at Haley’s confirmation hearing – currently scheduled for January 18 – the urgency regarding the Palmetto State’s ongoing succession question is ramping up.  We know current S.C. lieutenant governor Henry McMaster will ascend to replace Haley upon her confirmation, but there are a host of unanswered questions as to how his seat will be filled.

And who will fill it …

Stay tuned … clearly the lack of drama regarding Haley’s appointment in Washington, D.C. has lent some urgency to the drama back home.

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