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Clemson Blocks Public Prayer




Public prayer at Clemson University is only acceptable in certain “designated free speech areas,” according to a video posted online by the Young Americans Foundation (YAF).

According to the organization, Shawn Jones – Clemson’s “assistant director for client services” – approached a man praying at the Fort Hill section of campus last week and asked him to leave the area.

Specifically, Jones told the man he was not in a “designated free speech area” and that as a result, his “solicitation” was not permitted.

“He told him he had to leave,” said Kyra Palange – a member of YAF.

Palange said Jones then “presented the man with a form for the procedures for applying for ‘solicitation’ on campus.”

Here’s a clip of the exchange …

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Political correctness at this school is getting out of control, isn’t it?

Ironically, Clemson University’s football program – currently ranked No. 2 in the nation – has been consistently targeted by secular humanists for its overt embrace of Christianity.

Perhaps head coach Dabo Swinney‘s new multi-million dollar football facility is one of Clemson’s “designated free speech area?”

We hate to break it to Clemson, but the last time we checked the entire United States of America was a “designated free speech area.”  In fact, the U.S. Constitution explicitly protects precisely this form of religious expression.

We smell a lawsuit, people …

Clemson is a government-funded entity – even though its governing board currently operates in explicit violation of the South Carolina Constitution.

Looks like the school has “graduated” to overt violations of the U.S. Constitution as well.

UPDATE: Clemson’s anti-prayer rule has spawned a student protest.