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Clemson Lied About “Banana Bandit”




Remember the story about Clemson University’s infamous “banana bandit?”

To hear the forces of political correctness tell it, racist (white) students on the campus of this Upstate South Carolina college hung overly-ripe bananas from a black history banner earlier this spring – ostensibly implying blacks are banana-loving primates.

Take a look …

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What followed? A full-on Mini-Missouri –  a “teachable moment” intended to assist Clemson in further disassociating itself from its admittedly racist past while staking out additional “safe space” for the easily-offended.

There were sit-ins, hunger strikes, campus-wide protests, a Selma-style march, obligatory “arrests” – and of course doleful hand-wringing from the government-run institution’s “higher educrats.”  Also, fresh rounds of “diversity and inclusivity training” were mandated for all students and faculty.

Taxpayers also had to shell out for a new “chief diversity officer,” and pony up more money to subsidize scholarships for black students.

All of this happened while the school was ostensibly “investigating” the incident in an effort to ascertain who hung the bananas.

Well guess what … thanks to the efforts of a small band of “concerned students” using the state’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) law, it now appears as though Clemson’s leaders were aware of the identity of the true culprits all along.

Not only that, the school appears to have deliberately concealed the identity of these students in an effort to foist this “teachable moment” on the rest of the campus.

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clemson email

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That’s an email from Clemson vice president Almeda Jacks to school president Jim Clements dated April 11 – the same day the exploits of the “banana bandit” became a statewide news story.

“Two students came forward and told they had done bananas,” Jacks wrote. “Not a criminal charge or student conduct violation BUT Dean of Students has authority to use as teachable moment.”

Jacks goes on to inform Clements that the students who hung the bananas “will not be identified but campus will know we are dealing with these students.”

She does not identify the ethnicity of the bandits, but attributes their motivation to being upset at “workers waking them up.”

“They had no idea of pole or banner,” Jacks wrote.

Wow …

In other words this whole dust-up was exactly what we said it was – a “false flag” manipulated by the forces of political correctness to cast blame, stoke division and drain taxpayers of more of their money.

Manufactured outrage … with Palmetto State taxpayers footing the bill.

Also worth noting? The email lends credence to our prior reporting that Clemson has been “engaged in an ongoing coverup in the hopes of concealing this ‘inconvenient truth’ from the public.”