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Defeated SC Liberal Back In Political Circulation?




Doug Brannon is one of the most liberal, irascible “Republicans” ever to win a seat in the S.C. House of Representatives.

Wanna know why a “Republican” majority continues to spend our state into oblivion?  Look no further than Brannon …

He also helped bottle up a bothersome anti-refugee bill for S.C. governor Nikki Haley, opening the door for South Carolina to receive a host of un-vetted refugees from Syria.

Fortunately, this Detroit, Michigan native didn’t stay in the S.C. House for long …

Elected in 2010, Brannon was bounced from his seat (S.C. House District 38) in the June GOP primary election by 24-year-old Josiah Magnuson.

Is he going gently into that good night?  Um, no …

In fact “Brannon 2018” bumper stickers are already appearing in Spartanburg County, S.C.

Take a look …

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(Pic provided)

Hmmm …

Is Brannon getting a jump start on a campaign to recapture his old seat?  Or is he looking at a statewide candidacy?

Several sources have hinted that the wealthy attorney may be considering a run for S.C. superintendent of education, but that would make very little sense seeing as the seat is currently held by one of Brannon’s left-leaning ideological allies – Molly Spearman.

Others have speculated that Brannon is planning to run for attorney general – in which case he would be joining a crowded field (assuming he ran as a “Republican”).

Second term “Republican” S.C. attorney general Alan Wilson is running for governor in 2018, we’re told, although his obstruction of an investigation into political corruption at the S.C. State House has transformed what could have been a front-running endeavor into a Quixotic candidacy.

Anyway … we’ll keep an eye on Brannon’s 2018 plans.

We don’t expect him to be competitive in a statewide race, but he could pull a few thousand liberal “Republican” votes in the event he runs.

Stay tuned …