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The Hillary Clinton “Press Conference Countdown” Is Silly




GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump appears to have pulled out of his recent campaign tailspin – and is once again back “on message” in the fight against his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

Of course there is one area of Trump’s newfound “message discipline” where we would urge caution … his incessant harping on Clinton’s refusal to hold a press conference.

Each day, we receive an email from Trump’s campaign informing us how long it’s been since Clinton held a press conference.

Dubbed “Hiding Hillary,” according to this morning’s email it’s been 262 days since the last Clinton press conference.

(And no, this nonsense does not count as a press conference).

Our word of caution to Trump?

“Be careful what you ask for.”

America’s mainstream media has demonstrated conclusively during this election cycle that it is 100 percent in the tank for Clinton.  Seriously, if the #DNCLeaks scandal proved anything, it showed that the press in America has become nothing but a mob of special interested-owned access whores.

Why on earth, then, would Trump stake so much of his campaign’s narrative on the Fourth Estate actually holding Clinton accountable at a press conference?

Because that’s never going to happen …

Don’t get us wrong: Clinton’s refusal to subject herself to the scrutiny of the media is sad … but the real issue is that there’s simply no real scrutiny to be found.

Given the depths of Clinton’s corruption, that’s disturbing.