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SC Refugee Bill Bottled Up For Nikki Haley




Several liberal “Republican” lawmakers are conspiring with Democrats to block the passage of a refugee resettlement reform bill – hoping to spare S.C. governor Nikki Haley the “embarrassment” of having to issue a politically incorrect veto that could further tarnish her national image.

In fact, these liberal lawmakers successfully blocked the S.C. House judiciary committee from holding a hearing on this refugee bill last week – with Haley’s administration reportedly encouraging the obstruction.

The bill wasn’t defeated, mind you … it was simply never given a hearing because judiciary committee chairman Greg Delleney (who supports the legislation) didn’t have enough members present for a quorum.

No quorum, no vote …

Haley is currently being sued over the taxpayer-funded support her administration is providing to controversial refugee resettlement programs – including those which attempt to relocate un-vetted Syrian refugees.

Not surprisingly, Haley is facing growing political pressure at home to stand firm against open borders ideologues – whose support she craves in an effort to rehabilitate her badly-damaged national profile.

Eager to promote themes of “diversity” and “compassionate conservatism,” Haley has instructed her scandal-scarred S.C. Department of Social Services (SCDSS) to subsidize these controversial “faith-based” refugee resettlements – even though the agency was expressly enjoined from doing so by state lawmakers.

This website has consistently opposed these refugee resettlements – not just from a political or national security perspective, but from a financial one.  Bottom line?  They impose immediate and long-term financial obligations on South Carolina taxpayers which our dirt poor state simply cannot afford to assume.

Lawmakers generally agree with that view – and have attempted to more explicitly block funding for these programs.  They’ve also pushed legislation aimed at imposing some accountability on the liberal front groups pushing these refugee resettlements – groups like the National Immigration Forum, which has received funding from organizations affiliated with billionaire liberal financier George Soros.

One bill – S. 997, sponsored by S.C. Senator Kevin Bryant – would create a registry of refugees and require the organizations facilitating their resettlement to assume civil liability for any violent crimes they may commit.

Democrats tried to block that bill procedurally in the State Senate, but the legislation was set for special order (i.e. given a prominent place on the chamber’s calendar).  When it finally came up for a vote, it passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.

Now the same procedural tricks are being employed in an effort to sink the bill in the House.

Specifically, liberal “Republican” lawmakers Doug Brannon and Ray Clary were among those who refused to show at last week’s judiciary committee meeting.   That’s not surprising seeing as both of these lawmakers might as well be Democrats given their atrocious voting records.

A more curious absence?  That of S.C. Rep. Donna Hicks – who has been aggressive in holding Haley accountable on this issue in the past.

Hicks claims she missed the judiciary committee hearing on the bill because she had some “important things going on” in her district at the time.

Pressed as to her position on the issue, she said Bryant’s bill was “ineffective” and would “infringe upon the religious liberty of churches.”

“I will help write a bill or even better put the issue where it belongs – in the governor’s lap,” Hicks said.  “This is a federal issue and it’s federal funding that supports the refugee program.  It’s the governor who approves the contract or does not approve it.  We can’t make the governor do her job – so we are going to write a law that threatens Christians for practicing their Christianity?  Is South Carolina going to be guilty of restricting religious liberty just because we can’t figure out a way to make the governor do her job?”

Hmmm …

We see no attack against “religious liberty” in Bryant’s bill.  And from where we sit, the best way to hold Haley accountable would be forcing her to sign a bill that puts her squarely at odds with the liberal open borders crowd.

Hicks is facing a tough reelection fight in Spartanburg County.  Could it be she is looking to score points with a governor whom she’s criticized in the past?

We’re willing to cut Hicks a little bit of slack given her consistent advocacy on this issue in the past, but Brannon, Clary and any other “Republican” lawmaker who obstructs this bill deserves to be gutted.

All they are doing is empowering Haley to continue moving further to the left on this issue … further compromising our security and costing us more tax money.