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Democratic SC Supreme Court Candidate Courting “Republican” Support?




A former Democratic candidate for attorney general in South Carolina is reportedly lining up support from the state’s largest “Republican” political consulting empire.

Matthew Richardson – a powerful Columbia, S.C. plaintiffs’ attorney and one of the leading candidates for the next open seat on the S.C. Supreme Court – was spotted huddling with S.C. Rep. Rick Quinn (above) this week at a capital city bar.

According to our sources, the two were discussing – among other things – next year’s Supreme Court election to fill the seat being vacated by chief justice Costa Pleicones.

Richardson is expected to be among the frontrunners for the seat, which we’ve written on previously (here and here).

Quinn – the crown price of veteran “Republican” consultant Richard Quinn‘s neo-Confederate political empire – has been very busy of late dealing with the fallout from current S.C. attorney general Alan Wilson‘s political implosion.

Wilson torched his once-promising political career earlier this year when he attempted to stonewall a public corruption probe at the S.C. State House – one that appears to have both Quinns in its crosshairs.

Will Quinn be among those indicted in connection with this ongoing probe?  We’ll have to wait and see …

While the Quinns’ ability to impact statewide elections appears to be waning, they still wield immense power within the incestuous corridors of power in Columbia, S.C. – which is where judges are elected in this state.

How many votes can they sway to a particular judicial candidate’s side?  Based on the looks of things, Richardson may be about to find out.

Pic: Travis Bell Photography