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Donald Trump’s Florida Ad Eviscerates Marco Rubio




GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump enjoys a big lead over Marco Rubio in the Sunshine State’s big winner-take-all primary, which is scheduled for March 15.

According to the latest aggregate polling data from Real Clear Politics, Trump is averaging 41.3 percent support in Florida – good for a 16.8 percent lead over the Sunshine State’s junior senator.

A whopping 99 “Republican” delegates are up for grabs in Florida, and a Trump win there would likely mean the end of Rubio’s candidacy – assuming he even makes it there after his latest shellacking.

Anyway, Trump is taking no chances … running an absolute nut-cutter of an attack ad against Rubio in the week prior to the election.

Take a look …

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Wow …

“This is a brilliant ad from Trump,” one national conservative advocate told us. “It really is the best attack ad I have ever seen – and the reason is everything is true, no bullshit made-up crap, just straight very hard facts.”

Indeed …

Rubio’s disastrous personal/ official finances and his chronic absenteeism as a U.S. Senator – centerpieces of the Trump ad – have dogged him over the course of the campaign.  In fact they’ve previously been subjects of attack ads run by Rubio’s other GOP rivals – including U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and former Florida governor Jeb Bush (whose big money backers spent millions of dollars blasting Rubio prior to Bush’s exit from the race last month).

But neither Cruz nor Bush delivered anything resembling this potent a political punch …