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Another Fiscal Liberal Touts His Pro-Life Credentials




What do fiscally liberal “Republican” politicians in South Carolina do when facing scrutiny regarding their records on tax and spending issues?

Easy: They make naked appeals to social conservatives by playing the abortion card.

The latest example of this trend in action?  S.C. Senator Larry Grooms – who is aggressively promoting his sponsorship of a bill that would effectively outlaw abortions in the Palmetto State after twenty weeks of pregnancy.

For the record, we support Grooms’ legislation … which is in keeping with our belief that the right to life is the indispensable liberty from which all other liberties flow.  Most of the S.C. Senate agreed, passing Grooms’ bill by an overwhelming 36-9 vote (evidencing sizable “Republican” and Democratic support).

“Unborn life in South Carolina will be safer once this bill becomes law,” Grooms’ said of his bill passing the Senate. “We’ve been working for years to turn the tide against abortion, and South Carolina has now staked new ground that recognizes the humanity of the unborn child.”

That’s good … but if Grooms believes for one second that his advocacy on pro-life issues excuses him from his recent treachery on fiscal matters, he is sorely mistaken.

Again, we’re all for his bill … and we support recent efforts to put the matter of personhood to a statewide vote (we’d vote in favor of it, too).

But we prefer our advocates for indispensable liberties to couple their support with consistent votes in defense of taxpayers.

It’s freedom and free markets.  Not one or the other.