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John Kasich Launches New Ads In South Carolina




Medicaid Jesus” is rising … on the Palmetto State airwaves.

Ohio governor John Kasich – one of three fiscally liberal establishment “Republicans” battling it out for the support of the status quo wing of the GOP – has launched a pair of new television ads in South Carolina looking to capitalize on his surprise second-place finish in New Hampshire.

Kasich’s spots – entitled “Healing” and “100 Days” – aim to introduce him to “First in the South” voters and give them some sense of what he intends to do if elected president.

Here’s the first spot …

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And here’s the second …

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Kasich’s campaign didn’t say how much money it was spending on the two spots, but our guess is it’s not going to matter all that much.  He’s simply not in contention in South Carolina, and in the unlikely event he were to ever gain any traction here there’s plenty his more conservative rivals could hold over his head.

Like this … or this.

Shame, too …

Three decades ago, Kasich was the sort of “Republican” candidate we could have enthusiastically supported – a guy whose commitment to the ideals of limited government, free markets and individual liberty seemed unassailable.   Unfortunately, over the years he has become just another GOP sellout.

Along with U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and former Sunshine State governor Jeb Bush, Kasich is competing for the support of centrist “Republican” voters.  Meanwhile national/ “First in the South” GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas are battling it out for the backing of the more conservative wing of the party.