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Starbucks Cups: Who Cares!




We hate political correctness around here, especially when it involves the sanitization/ erasing of Christmas.  So naturally we were up in arms when coffee conglomerate Starbucks released holiday-themed cups that (gasp!) didn’t include snowflakes, reindeer or Christmas trees on them, right?

Um, no …

Apparently there’s a limit to the amount of outrage we can summon on any given day, and this just didn’t make the cut.

Don’t like the new cups?  Stop going to Starbucks.

In fact if you want a really good cup of coffee for a change, stop going to Starbucks.

There are tons of amazing locally owned coffee shops out there – like Drip in downtown Columbia, S.C., Black Tap or Kudu in Charleston, S.C., Coffee Underground in Greenville, S.C. or (our personal favorite) The Dripolator in Black Mountain, N.C.

These places serve amazing coffee.  And best of all they let you BYOC … including cups that Christmas literally vomited all over …


Seriously, last year’s Starbucks scandal was so much more interesting …