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Glacial Change In Political Correctness?




Charlotte, N.C. is a “progressive” city – part of the “New South.”  It is also home to many financial elites of the Democratic Party – who helped the city host the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

In other words, it’s the last place you’d expect to see people take a stand against the wave of political correctness sweeping the nation.

Wait …. did we say wave?  We meant to say “glacier.”

At a time when the global warming myth is facing fresh scrutiny (thanks to data showing surging ice creation in Antarctica), there is one glacier that’s “melting.”

Several days ago, reporter Katherine Peralta of The Charlotte Observer published a story in which it was revealed the city’s Southpark Mall would be replacing its Christmas tree with … a glacier.  And with no tree, the mall would obviously no longer be holding its annual tree-lighting ceremony.

According to Southpark’s parent company, Simons Malls, the goal of the glacier was to make the holiday shopping experience “fresh and exciting.”

Wow …

We wonder: Is there a room where these people get together each year before the holidays and ask each other: “What can we do this year to erase Christmas?”

Anyway … even in deep blue Charlotte this glacial change was a bridge too far.  Social media exploded in opposition to the proposal – and many customers threatened to boycott the mall.

“Southpark Mall and Simons Malls have decided to abandon a long standing tradition of having a Christmas tree in the center of the mall and Christmas tree lighting ceremony,” a petition on noted.  “We, the community of Charlotte, feel this is in poor taste and needs to be corrected.  As the Christmas shopping season begins, we feel Simons mall surely doesn’t want to lose customers over changing a long standing tradition.”

As of this writing, the petition had drawn nearly 25,000 signatures …

Faced with mounting public pressure, the mall ultimately yielded and decided to yank the glacier – promising to put up the traditional Christmas tree.

“Our focus is on ‘Spreading Love’ which is the theme throughout all of our shopping centers during the holiday season and we are looking forward to celebrating the holidays with our shoppers as we do every year,” a spokesman for the mall’s parent company said in a statement.

Jeez …

Christmas hasn’t been on the winning end of a lot of PR battles in recent years … but it’s nice to see it finally holding some ground.  It’s especially encouraging to see it doing so in a hotbed of liberalism.


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