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Ted Cruz’s Confederacy Of Flag-Lovers




|| By FITSNEWS || After years of indifference toward the Confederate flag, this website now believes the controversial banner ought to be removed from the grounds of the South Carolina State House.  Like, now.

(The immediate “why” is painfully obvious.  But for some history on the larger “why,” click here and here).

Unlike many weighing in on this debate, though, we don’t believe the flag should be placed in a museum.  Why not?  Because we don’t believe government should be in the museum business.  We would simply take the banner down and give it to either the Sons of Confederate Veterans or the Friends of the Hunley organization – a group run by neo-Confederate political consultant Richard Quinn.


Anyway … while South Carolina debates the appropriate way to (quickly) yank down this divisive banner, the flag itself has become akin to kryptonite.  Well, unless you’re a co-chairman of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz’s 2016 “First in the South” steering committee.

Both of Cruz’s South Carolina co-chairman – S.C. Senator Lee Bright and State Rep. Bill Chumley – were among those voting against the legislature considering a flag removal bill during an extended summer session.  In fact Bright called the effort to remove the flag a “Stalinist purge,” and may attempt to filibuster the bill in the State Senate.  Meanwhile Chumley gave a disastrous national television interview in which he suggested the victims of this month’s horrific, racially motivated church shooting in Charleston, S.C. “waited their turn to be shot.”


Oh, and here’s a screencap of one of Cruz’s steering committee leaders, Javan Browder, participating in last weekend’s Confederate flag rally on the S.C. State House grounds …

(Click to enlarge)


Pic: via Facebook

For his part, Cruz has been consistent from the beginning of the debate over the flag: Arguing the decision about what to do with it is South Carolina’s – and South Carolina’s alone.

“It’s wrong for a bunch of people who aren’t from the given state to parachute into South Carolina and dictate what they should do,” Cruz said last week.

We agree.

And while we disagree with Bright’s position on the flag (and Chumley’s bizarre comments), we support the right of private citizens like Browder to display the flag as they see fit.  Just because we believe the flag ought to be removed from its prominent position in front of the S.C. State House doesn’t mean we think it is inherently evil – or those who wave it are inherently racist.

Nor do we think a presidential candidate who happens to have flag supporters on his team is embracing the banner …

Honestly, Cruz’s “let South Carolina decide” answer – while not what the national media is looking for – is the correct answer in this controversy.  Especially seeing as South Carolina is well on its way to making the correct decision.