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Unimpressive Candidates Announce For Vacated SC House Seat




|| By FITSNEWS || Two candidates have announced their intention to seek the GOP nomination for the S.C. House of Representatives’ seat vacated earlier this month by Nelson Hardwick – who is staring down a criminal investigation into allegations of sexual harassment.

Unfortunately, neither candidate appears to be worth a damn …

Horry County councilman Tyler Servant – one of the names we previously referenced as a prospect for the post – formally announced his candidacy earlier this week, saying he was “overwhelmed by the number of folks in our community asking me to seek this office.”

Ummm … okay.

Servant added that while mounting a House campaign wasn’t ideal for him from a timing perspective, “doing what’s best for your community isn’t something you can schedule.”

Good Lord … really?

What Servant lacks in modesty he makes up for in money – mad stacks of family cash made in the real estate business.  You’d think all that coin would have purchased some lessons in how not to sound like a complete douchebag, but oh well …



Also running?  Russell Fry – a local attorney and GOP executive committeeman.  Fry is best known in Palmetto political circles for running the U.S. congressional campaign of former S.C. Rep. Thad Viers – who is currently facing jail time after pleading guilty last month to federal money laundering charges.

Yeah …

Anyway, Fry says he’s running because he wants “my future children and grandchildren to inherit a South Carolina which allows them to fulfill the American dream and I’m not confident we’re headed in the right direction.”

Really?  We’re not?  Thank you for those insights, Captain Obvious.  We’re curious … how long did it take you to put that incisive commentary together? 

“I hope to be a positive force for conservative reform in Columbia that provides opportunities for the next generation,” Fry’s statement added.

Mmmm-kay …

Local news columnist Mande Wilkes – who is more than capable of producing insightful commentary – is probably the best bet for this seat.  She ran against Hardwick five years ago and gave him a run for his money.

Unlike Servant and Fry – both of whom appear robotically programmed to spit out “Republi-speak” – Wilkes would actually shake things up at the S.C. State House.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t indicated yet whether she’s interested in the seat …

Filing for this race opens on May 29 and closes on June 8.  Primary elections will be held on July 28 with runoffs on August 11, if necessary.  The special election to ultimately fill the seat will be held on September 15.

Let’s hope somebody worth a damn files for this seat at some point …