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More Holes In Mark Sanford’s Sinking Ship




|| By FITSNEWS ||  Less than a month after losing two key members of his team, U.S Rep. Mark Sanford has lost two additional top operatives.  Sources tell FITS Sanford’s legislative counsel – Chris Stevens – left the former “Luv Gov’s” Washington, D.C. office this week.  Meanwhile Sanford’s legislative director – Justin Ouimette – is preparing to take a position with the House Freedom Caucus in the next few weeks.

“He’s a joke on (Capitol) Hill,” a source familiar with the departures says of Sanford.  “When (people) from his office go to interview other places, the people who are hiring basically tell them that.  They want to help good people get out of his office.”

News of Stevens’ and Ouimette’s departures comes on the heels of Sanford losing his top fundraiser, Sunny Philips, and his press secretary, Amy Lazenby, late last month.

All this after “Representative TMI” went through three chiefs of staff over a seven month period in late 2014 and early 2015 …

What’s happening?

Well, Sanford is insane.  And seeing as he now lacks any real substance, there’s no longer any justification for tolerating the insanity.

Of course we’ll be learning a lot more about Sanford’s various issues when a book published by another one of his former employees hits the shelves in July.

Missed that story?  Sanford’s been doing everything within his power to undermine the credibility of the book’s author, his former speechwriter Barton Swaim.

Our guess?

All this turnover is only bolstering Swaim’s credibility … while further eroding Sanford’s.

Anyway, Sanford’s latest chief of staff, Scott English, did not immediately respond to our request for comment on the latest round of departures.

Of course he’s been known to moonlight, so …