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SC “Republicans” Funding New Projects, Not Fixing Roads




|| By FITSNEWS ||  Unnecessary transportation projects do not constitute a “road funding shortfall.”  They’re just unnecessary projects … which result in unnecessary spending.  And funding such projects won’t do a damn thing to “fix our roads.”

Try telling that to tax-and-spend “Republican” politicians in the South Carolina General Assembly, though … who are all about blowing money on wasteful projects while real needs go unaddressed.  And after borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars to cover up their failure … they try and pass along the cost of their incompetence to you.

Anyway …

S.C. governor Nikki Haley claims to be fighting these liberal “Republicans,” but the truth is she’s been a big part of the problem.  In addition to approving deficit spending during her first term (which Haley now claims to oppose), the governor has also fought for wasteful expansions while watching maintenance funding get cut.

“Average annual funding for the state Department of Transportation’s highway maintenance program dropped by more than $40 million, or nearly 16 percent, during Gov. Nikki Haley’s first four years as governor compared to her predecessor’s administration,” according to a review conducted by reporter Rick Brundrett of The Nerve. “The drop is even bigger – about $73 million and 25 percent – when adjusted for inflation.”

Of course Brundrett points out that Haley and “Republican” lawmakers want to pump $255 million into the State Transportation Infrastructure Bank (STIB) – which subsidizes expansion projects.  That’s a 400 percent increase over the budget approved during Haley’s first year in office.

And we all know that Haley didn’t lift a finger during her first four years in office when it came to vetoing items in state budgets …

“Instead of trying to find money in the existing state budget to address increased road maintenance needs statewide, Haley and legislators are pushing different tax-hike proposals,” Brundrett reported.

That’s true …

Haley wants an immediate gas tax hike tied to the promise of future individual income tax relief.  Meanwhile “Republican” lawmakers in the House want a $427 million tax hike on motorists, and the “Republican-controlled” Senate is mulling an $800 million hike.

This website has consistently opposed all three proposals …