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Citadel Cadets: Pawns In 2016 Game




|| By FITSNEWS || Rand Paul couldn’t win for losing on foreign policy this week …

The U.S. Senator – who kicked off his 2016 presidential bid on Tuesday – got dogged out by NBC anchor Savannah Guthrie for flip-flopping away from non-interventionism and toward “neoconservatism.”

Of course Paul’s prior non-interventionist views appear to have cost him the right to appear alongside uniformed cadets of The Citadel – South Carolina’s government-subsidized military institution.

According to emails obtained exclusively by FITS, Citadel cadets were not allowed to attend an event featuring Paul due to a prohibition against “wearing a uniform to a political event.”  Of course sources familiar with cadets’ request tell FITS news of the prohibition was withheld until the very last minute – after these cadets had already been told they could attend the event (in uniform, no less).

Wait, wait, wait … didn’t Citadel cadets (in uniform) attend a recent address by former Texas governor Rick Perry?

Yes.  In fact many of them were ordered to attend Perry’s speech.

“You all are going to be placed on orders to attend and lunches will be provided,” an email from Citadel Republican Society vice president Daniel Santorum read.

Santorum is the son of former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, another 2016 contender who has been permitted to use uniformed Citadel cadets as political props.

What makes this interesting?  Well, both Santorum and Perry have articulated strident, aggressively interventionist U.S. foreign policies in an effort to lure “Republicans” in early voting South Carolina to their banner (see HERE and HERE).

Paul hasn’t … at least not yet.

A follow-up email from Santorum reinforced the mandatory nature of the event.

“If you are receiving this email it means that you have been placed on orders to attend and must show up,” Santorum wrote.

Additionally, Perry’s team submitted a request for all Citadel cadets who hailed from his home state of Texas to “take part in a photo after the speech with the Governor.”

The cherry on top?  A political action committee supporting Perry’s 2016 ambitions use images of this captive audience in a video promoting his foreign policy.

In fact here’s that video …

(Click to play)

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Wow …

Does this seem like a double standard to anyone else?  Absolutely …

In addition to Perry and Santorum, neurosurgeon Ben Carson and billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump have also been permitted to use uniformed cadets as backdrops.

Take a look …

(Click to enlarge)

(Pics: Provided)

So how did the school (attempt to) explain its position?  In an email revoking the cadets’ permission to attend Paul’s speech, The Citadel cited “reasons of wearing a uniform to a political event.”  According to the email, cadets were permitted to attend and wear uniforms to the other candidates’ events because they haven’t “declared they are running.”

Paul’s supporters at The Citadel see things differently.  They claim the school’s commandant – former Navy SEAL Captian Geno F. Paluso – is biased against Paul due to the latter’s foreign policy views.

Paul’s South Carolina supporters have previously noted the captive audiences used by other candidates.  For example, S.C. Senator Tom Davis – who recently endorsed Paul – made fun of the presidential announcement of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, which was a mandatory event for students at Liberty University.