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|| By FITSNEWS ||  The University of South Carolina is hosting an NCAA tournament game … and the NAACP is pissed.

How come?  The Confederate flag … which is still flying from the grounds of the S.C. State House (and according to some, costing the state big-time).

Really?  We’re still on this?  Sheesh … doesn’t the NAACP have anything better to do?  You know, like raising hell in defense of incompetent black bureaucrats?  Or cozying up to a “black” president who has been an unmitigated disaster for black people?

Yeah … we don’t mince words here.

And we’re sure as hell not going to start mincing words on behalf of the NAACP … which is nothing but an instrument of modern-day enslavement for generations of young blacks.

Anyway …

According to Eric Adelson of Yahoo Sports, the NAACP is upset that the NCAA has “softened its approach to injustice” by allowing South Carolina’s women’s basketball team to host a tournament game (assuming they earned it, which they did).

“Schools in South Carolina and Mississippi are now permitted to serve as hosts,” the NCAA said of its rule change.  “Under the previous format, schools in South Carolina and Mississippi were not permitted to host championship games in any round due to the NCAA confederate flag policy, which states that no predetermined NCAA championship site may take place in a state where the confederate flag has a prominent presence.”

Lonnie Randoph – head of the S.C. NAACP – is livid.

He told Adelson if the NCAA was “really serious about supporting the cause of justice, there would be no loopholes.”  He also complained that his organization was not allowed to weigh in on the format change.

Another S.C. NAACP leader called the NCAA decision “garbage.”

Again … really?

The NAACP imposed an “economic boycott” on South Carolina in 1999 owing to a version of the Confederate Flag flying over the S.C. State House.  A bipartisan, bi-racial compromise in 2000 moved the flag off of the dome (and out of the state’s legislative chambers), but that did not appease the NAACP.

Of course the politically correct NCAA is the only major national player to pay the boycott any mind …

This website continues to view the issue as competely pointless.  We believe symbols like the Confederate flag – or any other flag – don’t matter because they can easily be used by anybody to advance anything … just like political labels.

“State leaders can leave it, move it, burn it or use it as a bath towel for all we care,” we wrote back in 2011.


In the meantime, the NAACP needs to STFU.

South Carolina’s women’s basketball team – which is all black, by the way – earned the right to host these games exclusively due to their on-court performance.  That the NAACP would seek to deny them their moment in the sun over meaningless symbolism strikes us as ridiculous.

Pic: Travis Bell Photography