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Hypocrite Enviros: Joe McCulloch’s Attack Enablers




By FITSNEWS || A few days ago we ran a story about a demonstrably false attack mailing being circulated in the Midlands region of South Carolina by liberal trial lawyer Joe McCulloch – who is running (again) against fiscally conservative S.C. Rep. Kirkman Finlay for S.C. House District 75, one of the few swing districts in the Palmetto State.

While the brazen inaccuracy of McCulloch’s attack piece was self-evident … as was the desperation fueling it … not as readily noticeable at first glance was one of the mailing’s “sponsors.”

Included on McCulloch’s attack piece was the logo of the Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC) – a group that’s been on our radar a good bit lately due to the self-serving exploits of its leader, Ann Timberlake.

Anyway … we found it curious Timberlake’s group would lend its imprimatur to an attack piece going after the waste disposal industry.  Obviously, environmental groups go after waste disposal industries all the time … but they don’t often take money from such groups while they’re doing it.

Timberlake does, though.  In fact one waste disposal company – Waste Management – sponsored one of Timberlake’s recent “Green Tie” award banquets, sources familiar with the event tell FITS.

“We’ve given generously to CVSC,” a source close to the company told FITS recently.  “And they took all that money because we conduct ourselves responsibly and they knew they’d get no blowback for taking it.”

Donors and lawmakers are taking note of Timberlake’s hypocrisy.

“She’s targeting people who have supported the industries supporting her,” one lawmaker told FITS. “I’m no supporter of Kirkman Finlay but that’s the sort of double dealing that’s going to land her in more trouble if she keeps it up.”

McCulloch has pivoted to environmental issues after his bid to brand Finlay as unethical failed miserably.

Now that we’ve exposed his hypocrisy – and the hypocrisy of his supporters – on this issue, too, we wonder what he’ll try next?

Hmmmm … maybe more theft and vandalism …