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When Morons Attack: SC Politics Edition




In case we haven’t made it abundantly clear in the past, this website has zero use for Columbia, S.C. shyster Joe McCulloch.  He’s precisely the sort of lawyer who gives lots of other lawyers a bad name – and he’s an absolute dunderhead when it comes to policy.

As further evidence of McCulloch’s intellectual bankruptcy, the Democratic nominee for S.C. House District 75 has been launching broadside after broadside on the issue of ethics reform against his opponent – incumbent S.C. Rep. Kirkman Finlay (R-Columbia).

Why is this dumb?  First, Finlay is one of the handful of lawmakers in the S.C. General Assembly who has been consistently advancing credible ethics reform legislation.  Not only has he been a consistent champion for expanded income disclosure, but more recently he helped negotiate a deal that would have created a truly independent ethics oversight panel (as opposed to the corrupt “cover-up” committees currently used by lawmakers to police themselves).

Those reforms didn’t make it into law, but that wasn’t Finlay’s fault …

Allow us to make two things perfectly clear:  1) There are no two more important ethics reforms than expanded disclosure and , and there is no member of the S.C. House who has more aggressively advanced both of them than Finlay – which is why it’s so surprising McCulloch keeps bashing him.

According to S.C. majority leader Bruce Bannister – who has chided McCulloch in the past for false attacks – this is just the latest example of the liberal lawyer’s inability to tell the truth.

“Rep. Finlay’s bills did nothing that you accuse them of doing,” Bannister wrote in a recent letter to McCulloch.  “A cursory reading of the legislation – rather than taking the word of others – would lay that fact out to you.”

Indeed …

“As this debate progressed, people fell into two camps,” Bannister’s letter continued.  “The first were people like Representative Finlay who put their ideas, their political capital and their reputations on the line to further a critical issue.  The second were people obsessed with sniping, attacking and mischaracterizing what was going on for their advantage and to fundraise from people who have no interest in actually supporting ethics reform.”

We rarely agree with “Republican” lawmakers in Columbia, but Bannister’s assessment of Finley’s leadership on this issue is 100 percent accurate – while McCulloch’s attacks are 100 percent inaccurate.

Hopefully voters in District 75 will remember that when they go to the polls this November …


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