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SCDSS Audit In Agency’s Hands




Multiple sources at the scandal-scarred S.C. Department of Social Services (SCDSS) tell FITS a long-awaited audit of the troubled agency has arrived at the office of interim director Amber Gillum.

That means the report is likely to be released to the public within the next few weeks. That’s terrible timing for S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley, whose 2014 reelection bid has been dogged by scandal after scandal emanating from the chronically mismanaged bureaucracy.

Requested in 2012 by S.C. Rep. Jenny Horne, the audit is expected to provide additional fodder for lawmakers seeking to reform the agency – including Horne and S.C. Sen. Katrina Shealy, whose legislative panel will meet on September 16 to hear additional testimony regarding the agency.

SCDSS has been a disaster under Haley – before and after the June resignation of Lillian Koller, her first choice to lead it.

What’s wrong with this agency?

Well, there’s the ongoing failure of SCDSS on the state’s child support enforcement database – or the total lack of follow-through the agency has shown with regard to a food stamp waiver touted by Haley in her so-called “war on fat.” There are also questionable consultant payments and allegations of cooked books at its “welfare to work” program (as well as in its food stamp system).

(For a recent report detailing one of these scams, CLICK HERE).

As this website exclusively reported last year, there’s also blood on SCDSS’ hands – which is the scandal that ultimately brought Koller down.

Will there be more bombshells to come?

It certainly looks that way … although damning audits of incompetent agencies are nothing new for the Haley administration.