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How SC State’s President Rolls …




We don’t get the whole Chrysler 300 thing … or the “Imported From Detroit” thing.

Last time we checked Detroit was borderline apocalyptic, while Chrysler remained in existence only because government took our money and bailed out the company (and its union backers). And the 300? Eh … give us a Ford F-150 (or a vintage early 1980s Audi) any day of the week.

So forgive us for missing the allure …

Thomas J. Elzey is “hooked and he can’t stop starin’,” though. In fact Elzey – the president of S.C. State University – wanted a brand new black-on-black Chrysler 300 so bad he tried to get his government-subsidized institution of higher learning to pick up the payments for the luxury sedan.

The only problem? S.C. State is currently facing a serious cash crunch – one that’s forced the historically black school to beg state leaders for a bailout.

No problem …

According to a source at the school, Elzey got around that little hurdle by simply having one of S.C. State’s many vendors purchase the vehicle.

“They did it under the guise of fleet management,” our source explained.

Well, well …

A few months ago Jonathan Pinson – the former head of S.C. State’s board of trustees – went down in a bribery scandal involving a Porsche Cayenne sport utility vehicle. Will Elzey’s “black-on-black” Chrysler 300 bring him down?

That remains to be seen … but we do know S.C. State’s recent “fleet management” move has attracted the attention of auditors at the S.C. Budget and Control Board (SCBCB), an agency currently in the process of conducting a thorough review of the university’s finances.