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A “debate” of U.S. Senate candidates sponsored by a social conservative organization is drawing fire … from social conservative politicians.

S.C. Sen. Lee Bright – who is slightly to the right of Jesus himself on social issues – is rebuking the Palmetto Family Council (PFC) for allegedly conspiring with the campaign of incumbent U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (RINO-S.C.) to approve an “over-regulated, sterile and stale format” for its May 30 candidate forum.

According to Bright, the format of the event is “tailored to protect a rich incumbent,” which he claims is “a likely result of the Graham campaign pressuring the PFC.”

“I know these people, like these people, and respect these people,” Bright said in a statement. “I served on their board until 2008. And I appreciate the fact that they’re holding this forum – but I have to say – I’m kind of shocked that they’ve turned a debate into an interview. The format they’ve chosen only guarantees that Senator Graham will not have to confront the criticism he should have to face.”

Billed as a Town Hall, the Palmetto Family Council “debate” will feature seven candidates – six Republicans and one Democrat. Each candidate will get twelve minutes on stage – alone – to offer remarks and respond to questions from the event’s moderator, WIS TV 10 (NBC – Columbia, S.C.) reporter Dawndy Mercer-Plank.

Oran Smith – president of the Palmetto Family Council – defended the event.

“Senator Bright may not be aware that Palmetto Family is following the exact format Jim DeMint chose for his SC presidential event in 2012,” Smith said. “Yes, it will be intimidating alone in the spotlight, but this close to the primary voters want substantive answers, not yet one more bickerfest.”