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Corrupt Election Official Back In Office




Lillian McBride – who helped orchestrate the most brazen election fraud South Carolina has seen in generations – is back in a leadership position at her old county election commission.

McBride is the newly named head of the Richland County board of voter registration, according to a report from WIS TV 10 (NBC – Columbia, S.C.).

Astounding … this woman should be in prison for her role in stealing $1.2 billion from the citizens of Richland County in the November 6, 2012 election, in which illegal voting machine shortages were used to suppress white, anti-tax turnout.

This website has repeatedly called on the U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ) – led by Attorney General Eric Holder – to conduct an investigation into this rigged election.

So far, nothing …

Some background: After county residents narrowly rejected a sales tax hike in 2010, liberal “Republican” and Democratic leaders of the local legislative delegation decided to take matters into their own hands. With approval of S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley, they  passed a law seizing control of the local election commission – and installed McBride as their puppet.

McBride then proceeded to rig the election – deliberating targeting excessive shortages of voting machines in county precincts that voted against the tax hike two years earlier (possibly working in direct coordination with her intimate relations in the pro-tax movement).

These election machine shortages – which again, flagrantly violated state law – produced wait times of up to seven hours in staunchly anti-tax districts, which resulted in widespread suppression of the anti-tax vote.

The result? A narrow “victory” for the tax hike – and a new job and a lifetime pension for McBride.

SCGOP chairman Matt Moore referred to McBride’s new job as “a slap in the face to voters who stood in line up to 7 hours on Election Day 2012. Ms. McBride had a direct hand in that debacle, yet she remains unaccountable.”

Indeed …

McBride should be in jail right now … not moving back up the ladder at her old agency.

In fact her rapid reascension is the best evidence yet that corrupt leaders in Richland County are continuing to cover up this scandal.