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Georgia Smacks Nikki Haley Back




Georgia should never utter an unkind word against S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley. Seriously … she’s been better for Georgia than she’s ever been for South Carolina.

But since Haley started another pointless war of words with the Peach State this week, we’re not surprised its leaders are firing back.

Attempting to mitigate the damage from her recent winter storm debacle (here, here and most importantly HERE), Haley lashed out at Georgia’s politicians for their response to the substantially less-than-brutal weather event.

Specifically, Haley said she was “furious” at Georgia for botching its storm response … while praising her agencies for their efforts.

Georgia’s governor is not having any of that …

“To say South Carolina did a better job responding to the storm than Georgia is like saying Tennessee did a better job than Louisiana responding to Hurricane Katrina,” Gov. Nathan Deal’s spokesman told The Atlanta Journal Constitution. “We experienced completely different weather events.”

Tssssss … burn.

Don’t worry, Georgia. We’re sure Nikki Haley will find a way to make it up to you. She always does …