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Now Nikki Haley Is “Furious” At Georgia




S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley has a love-hate relationship with lots of people … and apparently entire states, too.

Take Georgia, which bore the brunt of Haley’s wrath in the wake of last week’s big (or not-so-big) winter storm …

Haley came into office talking all sorts of trash about Georgia, although the receipt of a few campaign contributions (and a national speaking gig) prompted her to change her tune … resulting in perhaps the single greatest economic sellout any governor of any state has ever perpetrated on his or her own people.

Haley’s advocacy on Georgia’s behalf cleared the way for a taxpayer-funded expansion of the government-run port in Savannah – while effectively killing a public-private port in Jasper County, S.C.

Yeah … which state is she leading again?

Anyway, having gift-wrapped a major competitive advantage for our neighbors across the river, Haley is once again in trash talk mode – criticizing the state for its response to the underwhelming winter storm.

“While I was trying to fix South Carolina, I was furious at Georgia for not taking care of that,” Haley told the Historic Rotary Club of Charleston, S.C.

Haley added that she was proud of her cabinet’s response to the storm … which is curious in light of the serious traffic problems experienced in Charleston during the aftermath of the storm (oh, and the fact that Haley’s Transportation chief was busted during the debacle drinking and driving at eight o’clock in the morning).

According to the governor, though, things went swimmingly …

“When you go through a storm, whether it’s a hurricane or winter storm, our team stands ready,” Haley said. “I am very proud of team South Carolina and the way they handled the storm.”

Hmmmmm …

We beg to differ …