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Winter Wonder …. Ummmmmm




Winter Storm “Leon” (when did they start naming these things?) failed to deliver much of a punch to the Palmetto State, with its snowfall totals falling well short of projections.

In fact the only real “kick” associated with the storm was the one delivered by weatherman Jim Cantore to a heckler on the streets of downtown Charleston, S.C.

(In the NUTS) …

Most areas of the Midlands received between 1.5 – 2 inches (editor’s note: “that’s what she said”), while isolated areas saw accumulation of up to four inches. Nothing to write home about that’s for sure.  Meanwhile, Greenville, S.C. recorded only an inch of snow.

Must be global warming … 

In Charleston, it was mostly sleet and ice – which resulted in the closing of multiple bridges (including the Ravenel Bridge, Don Holt Bridge, Isle of Palms Connector and the Stono Ferry Bridge, to name a few).

Anyway, while this storm’s intensity was lacking it could still cause problems for a region unaccustomed to wintry weather. For example temperatures in most of the state are projected to remain at or just above freezing this afternoon – then dipping into the teens tonight.

That means potentially treacherous, icy travel conditions will persist through at least Thursday …

And as our founding editor’s lovely wife noted, the real danger isn’t the roads “it’s the people driving on the roads.”

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