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Letter: Bridge Freeze Bumbled By SC Leaders



Dear Editor,

Where is the accountability?

In this era of instant information I find it unacceptable that the Ravenel Bridge freeze in Charleston, S.C. was handled in such a poor way. Where were our leaders in this time of need?  From the top down, I never got one piece of information from the Governor’s office, the Department of Transportation (SCDOT), or my State Representative.

Thousands of people were left in the dark as our leaders were either asleep or drunk.

The bridge was closed when there should have been an effort to open it – and was open when it should have been closed.

Did DOT let people know that the speed limit should have been 25 MPH and to be careful of falling ice before people crossed the bridge Friday morning? Did DOT contact the bridge designers as this mess started to unfold and get expert advice on how to safely manage the situation? I along with thousands of other people and businesses were left in the dark as this major six-lane bridge was shut down for forty hours.

Our leaders have made guarantees to its citizens,to its businesses, and possible relocation candidates, that we are on the cutting edge of progress and that the Lowcountry is the place to be. We have made promises and I was taught a long time ago, you better not say it if you don’t mean it. As a free market, pro business, fiscal conservative, and life long citizen of the Lowcountry, running for the State House I want some answers on how this will be managed in the future and I know the citizens of the Lowcountry want them too.

russell guerard

Russell Guérard
Candidate for SC State House 110

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