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Robert Ford: “I Was Lynched”



Former S.C. Sen. Robert Ford (D-Charleston) says he was “lynched” by so-called “Republicans” on the Senate ethics committee last month – made to suffer as part of an ongoing battle between Gov. Nikki Haley and members of her own party in the S.C. General Assembly.

Ford resigned his seat in the S.C. Senate midway through a hearing into multiple ethics allegations committed over a four-year period. Had he not resigned, “Republican” members of the ethics committee were prepared to recommend that he be expelled from the State Senate.

In a letter to his supporters in which he frequently refers to himself in the third person, Ford unloads on a wide range of topics – excoriating his critics and attempting to frame his indiscretions in the best light possible. First, he blasts committee chairman Luke Rankin (RINO-Horry) for failing to properly advise him of the ethics complaints leveled against him this year.

“I received no official notification that cited any specific problems with my reports or the fact they needed further clarification, not one time,” Ford writes. “I did not learn about any of these allegations except in late April when the General Assembly and general public were informed about the alleged charges. This was the first time in the history of the Senate that this type of action was made a public spectacle. I was never officially notified, never received any correspondence from the Senate Ethics Committee stating specific problems during this four month period.”

“Not one bit of respect for me as a senator,” Ford added. “Simply a public lynching of State Senator Robert Ford.”

According to Ford, Rankin’s failure to provide him with proper notification was part of a broader conspiracy – one in which “Republican” lawmakers were looking to justify their corrupt self-policing practice as it relates to current and former colleagues accused of ethics violations.

“Robert Ford was singled out by the S.C. Senate Ethics Committee to be destroyed,” Ford wrote. ” Was this so they could feel good and show Governor Nikki Haley – who has more ethics violations than any other member in South Carolina History – that they could be tough on their members?”

Ford makes a damn good point here …

Much more serious allegations against Haley were whitewashed by her fellow “Republicans” in the S.C. House of Representatives last summer, while former “Republican” Senator Jakie Knotts was given a slap on the wrist for similar violations in 2010.

Ford adds “there are others who have violated laws and at this point have never ever been reported about in the media.”

He’s right about that, too.

Why the double standard? Because “Republicans” are in power in South Carolina, and Democrats are not.

Again, we’re not trying to say Ford didn’t get what was coming to him … he absolutely did. We’re simply saying that plenty of “Republicans” are doing much worse than anything he did … and getting away with it.