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Justice Mulls Challenge To Toal



S.C. Supreme Court justice Costa Pleicones is calling members of the S.C. General Assembly in an effort to build support for a possible run against chief justice Jean Toal, multiple lawmakers have confirmed to FITS.

Pleicones spent most of the day Friday calling lawmakers from his home in Columbia, S.C. Several told FITS they planned on supporting the associate justice, who has served on the court for the past thirteen years. According to our sources, Pleicones is furious with Toal for reneging on her promise not to seek another term as chief justice (a story which broke exclusively on FITS last week).

Pleicones’ campaign has numerous state lawmakers – including S.C. Rep. Todd Rutherford (D-Columbia) – in a tizzy.

After all, were it not for his relationship with Toal, it’s doubtful Rutherford would be practicing his unique brand of law today.

Anyway, we’ll continue to follow this story in the days ahead to see if the feelers Pleicones is sending out turn into a formal challenge …