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Sixteen Candles … Err, Candidates



sixteen candles

A superfluity of politicians (and wanna-be politicians) formally declared their intention to seek the GOP nomination for South Carolina’s first congressional district. This crowded race – which will nominate a “Republican” to fill the seat vacated by newly appointed U.S. Rep. Tim Scott – will be held on March 19.

Some of the candidates who filed paperwork are household names – like former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford. Others are total unknowns – like Goose Creek, S.C. engineer Jeff King.

Courtesy of the South Carolina Republican Party, here’s the complete list …

Keith Blanford (Ron Paul supporter – official site/ facebook/ twitter)
Curtis Bostic (Attorney – official site/ facebook)
Ric Bryant
Larry Grooms (State Senator – official site/ twitter)
Jonathan Hoffman (Former U.S. Director of Border Security – official siteLinkedIn Profile)
Jeff King (Engineer – official site/ facebook/ twitter)
John Kuhn (Former State Senator, attorney – official site/ facebook/ twitter)
Tim Larkin (facebook)
Chip Limehouse (S.C. Representative – RINO, Charleston)
Peter McCoy (S.C. Representative – official site/ facebook/ twitter)
Elizabeth Moffly (Charleston school board member – official site/ facebook)
Ray Nash (Former Sheriff – official site)
Andy Patrick (S.C. Representative – RINO, Beaufort)
Shawn Pinkston (Attorney – LinkedIn profile)
Mark Sanford (Former governor, congressman – official site/ facebooktwitter)
Teddy Turner (Economics professor, son of media mogul Ted Turner – official site/ facebook)

Yeah … there are at least five names on this list we barely recognize.

Notable non-filers? Former S.C. Treasurer Thomas Ravenel, who briefly flirted with a bid. Also we’re a bit surprised former S.C. House Majority Leader Jimmy Merrill (RINO-Daniel Island) didn’t throw his hat in the ring. Same with the Palmetto State’s resident intellectually incurious “fortunate son,” Carroll A. Campbell III (although he’s clearly been distracted of late).

Anyway with so many “Republicans” in the race it’s almost certain no one candidate will receive more than fifty percent of the vote. That means a runoff election will likely be held on April 2.

Now, in keeping with our “Sixteen Candles” motif …