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If You’re Having Tumpy Problems We Feel Bad For You, Son




For reasons surpassing understanding, South Carolina’s dumber-than-dirt “fortunate son” Carroll A. “Tumpy” Campbell made several short lists as a potential candidate for the Palmetto State’s recently vacated first congressional district seat.

How come? Maybe people thought we needed a joke.

Anyway, Campbell isn’t running for the seat he sought in 2010 – which means voters of the first district will be spared the embarrassment of having to watch him attempt to put complete sentences together.

Why isn’t Campbell – son of revered former S.C. Gov. Carroll A. Campbell, Jr. – giving it another go? Well for one thing”Tump Tump”  has been having more lady problems.

First, here’s a Facebook update sent from Campbell’s account earlier this week …

(Click to enlarge)

tumpy 001

“So my girlfriend found out tonight that I am a liar,” the Facebook post allegedly written by Campbell reads. “She has loved me, believed in me and trusted me, only for me to let her and myself down. I am sorry for the hurt I caused her, but more importantly the shame I caused myself for falling in the cheating trap again.”

Wow …

Several hours later, though, Campbell sent out the following update …

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tumpy 002

“If any of my friends received a wall post or FB message from me that was totally out of character, please accept my apology and know it did not come from me,” he writes. “My phone was stolen last night and my FB account was hacked. I do however appreciate the concern expressed by many of you. Thanks.”

Yikes …

Sounds like somebody’s got some personal issues they need to deal with … and a Facebook password to update (as it turns out, “1-2-3-4” is not so secure).