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Big Bad Bobby



harrell scandal

S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell is guilty as sin when it comes to improperly reimbursing himself hundreds of thousands of dollars from his campaign account. In fact he’s returned $23,000 of the money – the equivalent of a bank robber returning to the scene of his crime and giving back a portion of his ill-gotten gains.

Not only that, a contemplated ethics complaint against the Lowcountry liberal outlines a host of other alleged abuses – including pressure allegedly applied by Harrell on the S.C. Pharmacy Board and the S.C. Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (SCLLR) to take actions benefitting his pharmaceutical business.

Harrell has yet to face public scrutiny over the pharmacy fiasco, but if his handling of the reimbursement controversy is any indication – there will be hell to pay for anyone who dares to challenge him. For example, Harrell viciously assassinated the character of the journalist who broke the reimbursement story … then he allegedly strong-armed her newspaper into backing down by threatening to withhold an annual $12 million bribe given by the S.C. General Assembly to the newspaper industry. Not only that he spent thousands of dollars attempting to ensure the reelection of one of his staunchest defenders on the S.C. House Ethics Committee – an entity notorious for covering up political scandals.

Harrell is a bad, bad dude … people. A crooked liberal masquerading as a “conservative Republican.”

As S.C. House Ways and Means chairman and more recently as Speaker, Harrell is one of the primary authors of our state’s “Lost Decade” – a period of government growth (and income shrinkage) that has left our state further behind the rest of the nation. Harrell is also a tireless supporter of our worst-in-the-nation public school system – and the author of the failed (and costly) government-run “accountability” system that perpetually moves academic goal posts in an effort to fool people into thinking our kids are getting smarter.

Now we find out he’s been enriching himself along the way … and using his position of authority to do so.

Of course here’s the saddest part of the Harrell saga – the total lack of accountability associated with the whole thing.

The only entity capable of administering justice in this case is already bought and paid for … by Harrell. According to data from the S.C. State Ethics Commission (SCSEC), Harrell has contributed $13,000 to the five “Republican” members of the House Ethics Committee.

Think any of them are going to vote against him?

Don’t be silly …

All of this is why South Carolina is one of the most corrupt states in America. Not only do our “Republican” elected officials profit handsomely from the growth of government they create, but there’s absolutely nothing anybody can do to stop them.