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“You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours”




What’s a good way to make sure you’re never held accountable for breaking the law?  Bribe the judges …

That’s pretty much what’s happening in corrupt as hell South Carolina, where a political action committee affiliated with S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell recently paid for a campaign advertisement on behalf of a state lawmaker who will soon be investigating Harrell’s campaign finance scandal.

That’s integrity, people … South Carolina-style.

Harrell’s Palmetto Leadership Council – a political action committee – ran a mailing in Richland County recently with the goal of bolstering the sagging reelection prospects of S.C. Rep. Joan Brady (RINO-Columbia).  Brady is currently facing an especially strong reelection challenge from Democrat Beth Bernstein, a proponent of ethics reform.

The Brady-Bernstein race is expected to be very close … and a mailing like this could give Brady the edge she needs to stave off Bernstein’s challenge.

First, let’s take a look at the piece …

(Click to enlarge)

Hmmmmm …

Brady, of course, is a sitting member of the infamous S.C. House Ethics Committee – which earlier this year voted to clear Gov. Nikki Haley of multiple ethics violations despite overwhelming evidence attesting to the governor’s guilt.

That shameful whitewash is expected to be followed very soon by another “see no evil, hear no evil” charade … which we suppose is what happens when politicians are allowed to police each other.  Hell, the chairman of this committee, Rep. Roland Smith (RINO-Aiken), recently stated that he “couldn’t afford” to even talk about the allegations against Harrell … let alone investigate them.

What a sham … and in Brady’s case, the impropriety is even more galling considering the fact that she is receiving a financial lifeline from Harrell’s PAC at a time when her political career hangs in the balance.

Government watchdog groups have announced they will be filing a complaint against Harrell immediately following the November elections regarding more than $325,000 worth of dubious self-payments made from his campaign account.  In fact Harrell has already effectively admitted his guilt – returning more than $23,000 of these ill-gotten reimbursements to his campaign account.

When that complaint is filed, Brady’s committee will be tasked with conducting a secret investigation of Harrell.

Does anyone think for a second that Brady could be counted on to rule impartially in such a case?

Of course not …

“This is a perfect example of why we need to get rid of the Senate and House Ethics Committees,” Bernstein said. “It’s just one big game of ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ at the State House. I am surprised that Representative Brady does not recognize the impropriety of accepting such support.”

We are too … surprised that is.  Both Harrell and Brady should be ashamed of themselves.

The House Ethics committee already shredded its accountability during the Haley scandal, but now one of its members appears to be profiting as a result of the Harrell scandal.  That’s downright despicable … not to mention the most compelling evidence yet attesting to the fact that state lawmakers have absolutely no business whatsoever policing themselves.