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A Prophet Speaks




We live in a culture that reduces issues to meaningless ten word soundbites – and elections to meaningless choices between ideologically indistinguishable candidates who spout these soundbites back and forth at each other like bad actors parroting hackneyed lines we’ve all heard hundreds of times before.

Whatever party label or ideological mantra these clowns apply to themselves, the underlying script remains the same – unsustainable spending, soaring debt, higher taxes and fees, expanded regulations, corruption, incompetence and more money-printing to keep the house of cards propped up.  And not only do special interests own the politicians perpetuating these terrible outcomes, they own the parties to which they belong and the media “reporting” on them.

The only real exception to this increasingly rancid pile of bipartisanshit?  The movement started by U.S. Rep. Ron Paul – whose presidential bid this website enthusiastically endorsed.

Perceived in many circles – especially “Republican” circles – as nothing but a fringe annoyance, Paul has nonetheless blazed a trail for this nation’s future that will either be followed … or else.  Of course the party he has represented for more than three decades continues to ignore him and his followers – at its peril.

This week the iconic Texan strode to the well of the U.S. House of Representatives for one last time to offer a farewell address to his colleagues.

“We need an intellectual awakening,” Paul said in his expansive remarks, which provided a lengthy but lucid diagnosis of our nation’s impending fiscal collapse as well as the steps that must be taken in order to avoid it.

Sadly, it’s doubtful that such an awakening will occur.  In a culture that barely has time to watch 30-second commercials in their entirety – it’s doubtful that Paul’s 49-minute address will receive the widespread viewership that it deserves.

That’s a shame, because this is one of those rare speeches that quite simply defines a nation – what it is, where it’s been and where it’s headed if drastic changes (including draconian cuts) aren’t made immediately.

Take a look …

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Amen, Brother Paul.

Sadly, it’s also doubtful that Paul’s speech will find a home in the classrooms of America’s failing government schools … which would much rather continue feeding future generations of dependents all that “hope and change” nonsense as they dumb them down even further.

Meanwhile the mainstream media is already mocking Paul’s address.

“Yes, there are gold standard and raw milk references,” wrote Romney sycophant-turned-Obama sycophant Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post.

Prophets have never been welcome in their homelands, but  whatever.  No matter how Paul’s address is received by the media – or how broadly it is disseminated into the public bloodstream – it doesn’t change the fact that the fiscal judgment of which he speaks “cometh … and that right soon.”

So get ready …