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Letter: In Support Of Prioleau Alexander

“We better all wake up …”

Dear Editor,

I absolutely love the perspective that Prioleau Alexander brings, not only to FITSNews, but our country. His article, “It Couldn’t Happen … Until It Happened,” was both horrifying and spot-on. We, as Americans, need to be moved to action to take back our country-before it’s too late. There are too many lawmakers in Washington D.C., on BOTH sides of the proverbial aisle, that have been there too long.

They have allowed our country, some actively promoting it, to be moved to a dangerous, ominous place. I believe with all of my being that President Trump was a threat to this D.C. establishment and corruption, hence he and his family being dragged through hell. And we all should be afraid.

The 87,000 new IRS staff are a small army that can be used for evil and yet our southern border is practically wide open. Mr. Alexander is 100 percent right and we better all wake up.




J.M. – I agree with your take on Prioleau’s latest column but let me be clear: I don’t publish Prioleau’s columns because I agree with them (although I usually do), I publish them because I think they are intelligent, incisive contributions to the marketplace of ideas – the sort of articles that make people think. Appreciate your feedback, though! Keep the cards and letters coming …



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