Winthrop University’s Counseling Center – When Taxpayer-Funded ‘Wokeness’ Goes Too Far

Dieting is racist? Yes, according to taxpayer-funded institution of higher learning …

It’s good to be “woke.” Well … right up to the point when it isn’t. Sometimes the “new orthodoxy” of the far left – with its one-way definition of respect, its selective tolerance for discrimination and the double standard it displays when dispensing cancel culture indignation – goes too far.

Sometimes the pronouncements emanating from the pronoun-challenged politically correct police are demonstrably insane.

One example? Um … the NFL.

Another example? The counseling services office at Winthrop University, a taxpayer-funded institution of higher learning located in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

This week, the office’s Instagram page posted some curious commentary on the annual dieting and physical fitness craze that accompanies the start of each new year.

“We are coming up on the time of year when folks go hard pushing diets,” a tweet featured by the office noted. “Here’s a friendly reminder that diets are a scam and that your body loathing funds a multi-billion dollar industry built on your misery. Eat the rich, not diet food, friends. Fatness is not the enemy.”

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(Via: Instagram)

Here’s the problem: When it comes to your health … obesity is the enemy. Especially in the Palmetto State, which ranks among the nation’s leaders in childhood obesity. In fact, one of the important lessons to take from the Covid-19 health crisis is the extent to which physical fitness makes a difference in reducing risk on a whole host of fronts – as evidenced by the fact that many of the younger Americans succumbing to this virus are dealing with attendant comorbidities brought on by obesity.

Accordingly, we will never stop advocating on behalf of individuals making smarter food choices and getting regular exercise.

Don’t get us wrong, though … we are not endorsing fat-shaming. Far from it. We come from the “you do you” school of body image, and when it comes to defining attractiveness (in women or men) – a person’s weight is not high on our list of attributes.

Anyway … it turns out the Winthrop counselors were just getting warmed up in their bid to shut down any discussion of dieting in the new year. According to them, the dieting and fitness push is (wait for it) … racist.

That’s right …

“Diet culture and weight stigma are based in racism and anti-blackness,” a follow-up message on the office’s Instagram page noted, accompanied by a Black Lives Matter sticker. “What are you really buying into when you start that new diet in 2021?”

Take a look …

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(Via: Instagram)

“Dismantling diet culture necessitates dismantling the systems of racism that uphold our society,” the message continued.

Wow …

Who knew that new year’s resolutions about eating better and getting more exercise were perpetuating alleged racial injustices in our society?

Needless to say, we take a dim view of these perspectives. In addition to being nonsensical and needlessly divisive, they are encouraging people to act in a manner contrary to their best interests. In other words, these are dangerous views – providing additional evidence of the extent to which government-run higher education in South Carolina has gone off the deep end when it comes to embracing liberal misology.

At taxpayer expense …

An easy solution to this problem? Privatize …

That way, Winthrop and its various offices could tout whatever views they wish accountable only to the marketplace.



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