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SC Black Caucus Scheming On Judicial Races




Multiple candidates for judicial positions in South Carolina tell FITSNews they have been contacted by leaders of the S.C. Legislative Black Caucus and told to prepare for a round of upcoming interviews.

S.C. Senator Margie Bright-Matthews is reportedly organizing the vetting process – which is in anticipation of this year’s legislative elections for judicial branch appointments.

What’s the big deal?  Shouldn’t the black caucus be encouraged to screen judicial candidates?

Well, if you know anything about how this organization has historically approached judicial races in South Carolina, you’ll understand the humor associated with this charade.

Which brings us to our point: State lawmakers have repeatedly proven that they have no business electing justices and judges – be they Supreme Court candidates or family court judges.  The current process has not only proven infinitely corrupt, but it has fundamentally weakened the state’s judicial independence – making this branch of government (with rare exceptions) little more than an extension of the S.C. General Assembly.

As we’ve stated repeatedly, we favor allowing future governors to appoint judges and justices in South Carolina, although we are also okay with popular election.  Anything to get rid of the current system.

Bottom line?  If black lawmakers were genuinely serious about interviewing candidates with open minds, we would welcome this news.  But they aren’t.  They’re just waiting to be told what this year’s “horse trade” is going to be – which makes this entire vetting exercise a waste of everyone’s time.

Not to mention the latest example of the need to reform this inherently corrupt process …

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