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White House Watch: Fresh Battleground Polling




GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is gaining ground in several critical swing states in the aftermath of last week’s stunning revelation that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had reopened its criminal probe of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her extra-legal email server.

According to Axiom Strategies and Remington Research Group, the latest polling “was conducted on the heels of the FBI renewing an investigation of Hillary Clinton regarding classified emails,” thus making its data “the first to be publicly released in the country … fielded after news regarding the FBI investigation broke last Friday.”

The results?

Take a look for yourself …

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(Via Axiom/ Remington)

Most significantly, Trump has opened up a four-point lead over Clinton in Florida – a state which Axiom/ Remington was showing as a tie one week ago.  Meanwhile Trump has expanded his advantages in Nevada and Ohio, and closed the gap on Clinton in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Will it be enough?  We’ll know soon enough …

“Last week, we found a presidential race where Hillary Clinton held a clear advantage,” the pollsters noted.  “This week, we find an increasingly competitive race with just eight days to go.  Trump appears to be holding strong in his must-win states and Colorado remains within the margin of error.  The data also show that Pennsylvania has moved into the margin of error category.”

Stay tuned … additional swing state polling to come …

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