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City Of Columbia Leaders Sweating Appeals Court Decision




Columbia, S.C. leaders – including embattled mayor Steve Benjamin – are reportedly furious over a recent S.C. appeals court ruling that will require the city to release various complaints filed against former police chief Randy Scott.

Scott resigned as the city’s chief of police in 2013 citing complications from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) stemming from the death of a fellow officer eight years ago.

His tenure was rocky – and replete with controversy.

Last week, it was revealed Scott once again resigned – this time as an investigator with the Richland County, S.C. sheriff’s department, the agency that hired him shortly after his departure from the city.

Once again, Scott’s resignation has been clouded in controversy -specifically an auto accident earlier this year that resulted in him being hospitalized.

But the real news surrounding Scott’s (latest) resignation was the court ruling – which we’re told is likely to shine a light on new allegations of corruption involving Benjamin and other Columbia officials.

“Those reports are gonna be good,” one source told us.

Based on our prior reporting, we’d imagine so … although given what Benjamin has been involved in previously (here and here), is there anything surprising likely to come of this?

Or anything that could be used to (at long last) hold him accountable?

We doubt it …