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Randy Scott Resigns – Again




In 2013, Randy Scott resigned as the city of Columbia, S.C.’s chief of police citing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) complications stemming from the death of a fellow officer eight years ago.

Of course it didn’t take Scott long to land a new job in law enforcement.

This week, Scott stepped down from that post.

Scott resigned from the Richland County sheriff’s department effective July 19, according to local television station WACH TV 57.

The station cited “health reasons” stemming from an auto accident.  Apparently Scott sustained injuries during this car crash – although Richland County officials claim his decision to step down “had nothing to do with the crash.”

Our sources have confirmed Scott was involved in a crash involving a county-owned vehicle that resulted in all parties being transported to a local hospital for medical attention.

We’re told the S.C. Highway Patrol (SCHP) is investigating the accident – although Richland County officials claim this probe has been completed, resulting in the other driver being charged.

Interesting …

Compounding Scott’s problems?  The S.C. Court of Appeals ruled this week that the city of Columbia must make public the various complaints filed against him during his stormy tenure as police chief.

From what we’re told, that should make for some interesting reading …

Sources close to Scott tell us he’s not worried.

“He’s free for the first time in a long time,” one confidant of the embattled law enforcement officer told us.  “If there’s anybody (who) should be worried it’s the people he has the dirt on.”