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Donald Trump Should Release His Tax Returns




We don’t know what’s driving presumptive “Republican” presidential nominee Donald Trump to withhold his tax returns – or why he is refusing to say how much of his income he paid in taxes.

Obviously tax returns are personal information … and our guess is a billionaire’s tax returns are probably much more complicated than most people’s.  Trump has also repeatedly said that he’s endeavored to pay as little as possible in taxes – and it’s possible he’s worried about how some of those efforts might be perceived.

We get it …

None of that matters in the court of public opinion, though.  This is information that voters – not without justification – expect to see released.  And frankly, it’s information a presidential candidate should release.

Should we change the rules of the game just because a billionaire is running?

Trump is off to a much hotter start in the general election than anyone anticipated … further evidence that the “Republican” establishment opposing his candidacy is the equivalent of a rounding error.

But this tax flap has the potential to create lasting problems for his candidacy …

Frankly, we don’t see any reason why Trump wouldn’t bite the bullet here.  After all, what could be worse than the tax scandals Hillary Clinton could conceivably face related to her family’s foundation?

The presumed Democratic nominee – who has busily campaigned amongst “everyday Americans” – has already been under fire for discrepancies in her foundation’s tax returns, specifically related to contributions from foreign governments.

Is there really something worse than that lurking in Trump’s taxes?

We doubt it …