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Letter: More Coverage Of Roads Bill, Please



Dear Editor,

I’ve been following the site for a few years now and one of the main things I’ve noticed is that this news organization is vehement about what the core functions of government should be.  One of those is roads.  However, I’ve seen very little in terms of coverage on the road bill debate that has been raging in the legislature this year.

Have I missed it or are you planning a huge exposé after the fact?  Just wondering.  I like what you do – it just seemed odd I haven’t seen it.  Maybe I missed something.


Phillip Carros



sic speaking

Hey Phillip, Thanks for the letter! FITS published a ton of articles during the debate over the gas tax portion of this bill.  Since the tax hike was defeated, we’ve done a few additional posts on the fallout … and on efforts to play games with some of the new recurring road funding.  We’ve also continued to hold the S.C. Department of Transportation (SCDOT) accountable for its failures with our money.

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