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State Lawmaker Mocks Nikki Haley’s National Flameout




S.C. Rep. Chris Corley – who seems to revel in the controversy he invites – mixed it up on social media this week with “Republican” governor Nikki Haley, mocking the establishment GOP favorite for her national flameout in the context of a dispute over state funding for infrastructure.

How bad was it?

“Brutal,” one state lawmaker told us.

Here’s how it went down …

Having failed to enlist her crony capitalist allies in this particular political battle, Haley took to social media – challenging members of the S.C. House to view the ongoing road funding debate from her perspective.

“The House is about to take money from the roads that need repair most to pay for local pet projects,” Haley wrote on her Facebook page, claiming the move “makes zero sense.”

Corley disputed Haley’s reading of the legislation – saying “nobody in the House has heard of this.”

But it was his next broadside that really left a mark: Mocking Haley’s vice-presidential aspirations – and particularly her support of failed establishment politicians like U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

“Jeb and Rubio are out so there is no need to try to make it look like you are tough on the legislature!” Corley wrote.  “Your VP bid is over.”

Wow …

Haley’s rejoinder to Corley?

“The fact that you don’t know what is going on in the House is exactly why someone needs to file to run against you,” she wrote.  “Anyone in Aiken interested in being a House member, filing ends March 30th.”

“I don’t think your efforts to recruit anyone have worked so far,” Corley shot back.  “Actually … since Lil’ Marco didn’t pan out and you won’t be VP why don’t you move to my district in two years and run against me yourself?”


Haley was having a difficult time of it on the national stage even before Rubio’s campaign imploded, but his decision to exit the race effectively doomed her chances of ever appearing on a national ticket.

(Which assumes she could have survived the vetting).

And while Haley has since sought to latch on to the campaign of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, it seems unlikely he will ever trust her.  Not only that, her overtures to Cruz appear to have angered many of her former Rubio, um, “allies.”

Which could lead to bigger headaches for her down the road …

Haley has been quite irascible since Rubio’s departure from the race, although state lawmakers don’t appear to be interested in playing her games.

Except for Corley, of course … who seems to relish trolling the governor.

One thing is clear: Haley’s attempt to project strength at the state level after falling flat on her face nationally doesn’t appear to be winning her many converts.

Pic: Travis Bell Photography