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Nikki Haley And Marco Rubio Headed For A Bad Breakup




The short-lived and wildly unsuccessful political marriage between S.C. governor Nikki Haley and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida was always one of convenience – or to be more precise it was “arranged” marriage, one ordained by the powers-that-be in Washington, D.C.

Haley got to prance around on the national stage (poorly, at that) … while Rubio was ostensibly to get a big boost in early-voting South Carolina and other southern states.

Besides … who else was Haley going to endorse? 

Obviously there were serious problems with the relationship long before it was cemented … not to mention serious questions about it after-the-fact.  So when the relationship failed to yield fruit, it’s not surprising the recrimination wasn’t long in coming.

And when Haley started showing her support for another candidate less than 24 hours after Rubio’s ignominious exit from the race … things got heated, fast.

The first shot across the governor’s bow?

A message from a former Rubio supporter that came to us less than an hour after Haley signaled her support for U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

“You know we vetted her as a vice president,” the Rubio backer told us. “Wanna know what we found?”

Whoa …

Another ex-Rubio aide confirmed to us that Haley was indeed vetted by the campaign – and that the results of the exhaustive research confirmed concerns raised about her years ago.

“There’s no one silver bullet,” the aide said, pausing for dramatic effect. “There’s a full metal jacket of silver bullets.”

The source also told us that the shiny happy narrative of Haley’s endorsement of Rubio – breathlessly related to the public by Politico reporters Shane Goldmacher and Anna Palmer – was pure propaganda.

Apparently it was anything but a cordial process …

Specifically, Haley refused to be in the presence of Rubio’s national campaign manager Terry Sullivan or his “digital maestro” Wesley Donehue, two veteran Palmetto state politicos she still blames (rightly, to some extent) for the release of details regarding her extramarital affair with the founding editor of this website.

In fact Sullivan – in addition to being barred from traveling with Haley – was reportedly forced to leave Rubio’s campaign office whenever the governor visited.

“We made him go hang out at a coffee house for a few hours,” our source related.

Wow …

Stay tuned … this political breakup appears to be getting very nasty, very fast.