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Nikki Haley Punked Ted Cruz, Too




Two days before South Carolina’s “First in the South” presidential primary, this website ran a story on some major drama tied to the eleventh hour endorsement of U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida by popular Palmetto State governor Nikki Haley.

According to our sources, less than thirty-six hours before her big reveal for Rubio – Haley told former Florida governor Jeb Bush, former U.S. president George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush that she had no plans to endorse anyone in the Palmetto State’s pivotal “Republican” primary election.

She lied to them, in other words …

At the time Haley made her pledge to the three Bushes, Jeb! was making a last-ditch (and ultimately unsuccessful) bid to revive his flagging candidacy, barnstorming with his brother and other family members in a state “Republican” operatives once referred to as “Bush Country.”

Not anymore.  While Haley’s endorsement had a debatable impact on Rubio’s second-place South Carolina showing (and did absolutely nothing for him on the national level) it did help slam the door shut on Bush’s campaign – which had the backing of a huge chunk of the Palmetto State’s political establishment.

But were the Bushes the only people Haley lied to prior to her last-minute Rubio embrace?  Apparently not …

According to a pair of sources close to the presidential campaign of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas – who aggressively courted Haley’s nod prior to the South Carolina primary – Haley told him the same lie.

“She informed the Senator she would not be endorsing anyone in the race,” one of the sources told us.

Cruz finished in third place in South Carolina – a mere 1,000 votes behind Rubio (out of nearly 750,000 ballots cast).  Did Haley’s endorsement provide that narrow margin of “victory?”  Who knows … Rubio was poised to surpass Cruz in the Palmetto State according to aggregate polling taken at the time Haley’s endorsement was made.

Anyway, while Bush supporters have been exceedingly vocal in recalling Haley’s “First in the South” treachery, Cruz and his allies haven’t made a peep about it.

Why not?

Two reasons …

First, Haley’s commitment to Cruz was made one-on-one – with no witnesses.  Meaning there was no one to say who was telling the truth.  Haley’s promise to the Bushes, on the other hand, was made with multiple people in the room (which is probably one reason of the reasons it got out so fast).

Second, Cruz has been playing the “long game” in the 2016 presidential race – quite effectively, too.  He knew his organization was built for the long haul and was going to outperform Rubio on Super Tuesday and beyond – which it has done.  In other words, there was no need to detonate a relationship with Haley – whose well-known hatred of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump could conceivably come in handy for Cruz in a one-on-one “Republican” cage match.

“He’ll never trust her again,” one of our Cruz sources said. “But that doesn’t mean he won’t use her against Trump.”

Haley has been thrust on the national stage extensively in 2016 – beginning with her selection by the “Republican” leadership in Washington, D.C. to give the GOP response to U.S. president Barack Obama‘s final State of the Union address.

How’d that audition go? Eh …

Since then she’s been continuing to spout establishment talking points on Rubio’s behalf … raising some interesting proximity questions about the “Republican” consultant pulling her strings.

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