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SC Senator Luke Rankin Draws A Primary Challenger




Another day, another liberal “Republican” S.C. Senator finds himself staring down a primary challenge …

This time it’s former Democrat Luke Rankin – who shed his party label (but not his left-leaning ideology) back in 2004.

Rankin’s opponent is a local financial planner by the name of Scott Pyle – an evangelical Christian who has reportedly been recruited to run in this spring’s “Republican” primary election by the S.C. Club for Growth (we did a post on their anti-incumbent machinations last week).

The organization – which is reportedly working with S.C. governor Nikki Haley and her various political support groups – is also targeting S.C. Senator Wes Hayes and powerful Senate leader Hugh Leatherman.  In fact they’ve reportedly earmarked $200,000 in independent expenditures (a.k.a. third party propaganda) for Leatherman’s race.

Similar saddle bags could potentially be unloaded on other targets …

Rankin, 53, has represented S.C. Senate District 33 (map here) since 1993.  Over that stretch he’s cast very few pro-freedom, pro-free market votes – either as a Democratic or a “Republican.”

Would Pyle be any better, though?

Good question.  According to our sources, he’s an organizer of a local Baptist “Beach Church” and leader of a men’s prayer group.  Which is fine – as long as he keeps his sanctimoniousness away from our government.

A bit worrisome?  We’re told Pyle has tangled on multiple occasions with good government activists on the South Carolina coast.  We’re also told he’s left more than a few unhappy clients in his wake at the various firms where he has plied his financial service wares.

At least fifteen of the state’s forty-six Senate districts will be contested in 2016 – most of them in “Republican” primaries.